samedi 14 mai 2011

UNDERWATER # 83 - 100 themes challenge

- 100 themes challenge by DIGITAL WHISPER -
You never know what's hiding in the water...

Credits to: 
Tree background - Photo libre
Other photos - Pics taken by me...

dimanche 8 mai 2011

Flowers # 31 - 100 challenges theme

Finally I did it! This is my 1st contribution for the challenge: 

100 themes challenge 
started in january by Kimme/ Digital Whisper.
I've  wanted to do something for ages but I'm always running out of time...
During 1 year you can do all of theese 100 themes whenever you feel like it and post it on Kimmies blog.
This is such a great idea. Thank's a lot, Kimmie!

Credits to: 
Small angels  + cute smiling little girl - Magic moonlight studio
Flower girl - I think it was from Graphics Fairy if not please rectify...