samedi 6 mars 2010


This week is fashion week in Paris. Reputated designers are presenting their autumn/winter collections 2010/2011... It's all happening here in the Tuillerie garden & nearby... So there are a lot of trendy fashion people, models, mixed up with tourists and beggers going across the parc from one fashion show to another. Often the pass by the fashion concept store Colette to check what's the latest trends... It's always amusing to drop over there, there is certainly something that you haven't seen or heard of before beeing there... This week it's Tod Selby creator of the blog The Selby (where he posted photo shoots of his friends in their homes) who's in the front window. He was there yesterday to sign his new book "The selby is in your place"
I like the concept, with all theese different people posing in their homes... Have a check! But I'm sure you've already heard about him...

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